Three Things My Husband Introduced To Me

If you know me, you know there are a few things I love - Beyonce, knitting, Great British Baking Show and fancy products from Sephora. A couple of those things he can tolerate, and other things he…gracefully leaves me to my own devices.

We do have common interests, like seeing movies, trying new restaurants and traveling. But just as I have my own interests, William does too. The joy of marriage is that eventually your spouse’s interests will rub off on you, and William has taught me a lot about his hobbies over the years we’ve been together.

3 things husband introduced to me graphic.png

He Introduced Me To Golf

Prior to meeting William, my golf knowledge was extremely basic. Like I knew it involved golf courses and clubs and there was a famous golfer named Tiger Woods. See I told y’all, basic. And then I married a golfer! He watches a lot of golf on TV, so while it was on I’d ask all the questions. Who’s that golfer? What club is he using? Why can’t they use a cart? Why they all ending up in the water? 🤣🤣🤣 Luckily my husband loves me and is used to my barrage of questions, and he indulged me. Thanks to him, I now understand what “par” is, why they don’t use carts, and how scoring works. I also know most of the names on the PGA Tour and I have my own fave golfers (Ricky Fowler is one!).

When he’s not watching golf, William is playing golf, including tournaments in the summer. Golf is one of his passions - he’s loved the game all his life - and I think he’s happy that he could share his love of golf with me. I’ve tagged along with him to the range, but I find the golf stance really awkward and painful, so I don’t do it often. The most golf I’ll do is mini golf or Top Golf 😂

He Taught Me About Comic Books

Before I met William, I only knew the bare minimum about comic books - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman. I’d even seen a few comic book movies. But the minute someone said “Marvel or DC?’ I was lost. And I definitely didn’t know about indie comic book companies, like Image Comics. William is a huge comic book collector so one of the first things he started to teach me about was his comic book collection. He is a walking comic encyclopedia - he can tell you when a character first appeared, their entire story line, and more.

Once he moved to Minnesota, he found a local comic book shop and I started tagging along, and that’s when I realized that comics are way more varied (and fun!) than I thought. While he debated the merits of some book with the staff, I started thumbing through various books and getting into a few. William has an extensive pull list at his comic book store and I have my own modest list of books that I read. I’m also caught up on who’s Marvel and who’s DC and I even know his dream comic book purchases (in case you’re wondering, it’s Fantastic Four #52 and The Flash #104).

He Got Me Hooked On Asian Dramas

My husband is not a good sleeper - he averages 4-5 hours a night. This was great when Phi was a newborn, as he took virtually all of the middle of the night feedings since he was up anyway. When he’s awake in the middle of the night, he watches random shows on Netflix, and it was on one of these nights that he came across an Asian drama. He was instantly hooked, and he started watching more…and more…and more. In the morning he’d tell me about the latest show he was watching, and he made them sound so good, so I started watching too…and I was also hooked!

We’ve watched shows from China, Korea, and Japan. I think my favorite shows come from China and Korea - the story lines are so dramatic and the acting is entertaining. If you aren’t watching Asian dramas on Netflix, you gotta get on the bandwagon! Put these shows on your watch list: My Horrible Boss, Keep the Marriage In Jade, Something In The Rain, Two Fathers, and A Good Wife.

Has your spouse introduced you to anything that you wound up loving? Tell us in the comments!