10. A Change of Plans

Happy Friday folks! I hope everyone had a great week.

Six months ago I planned to spend this Friday prepping for an anniversary trip with my husband, but life has totally gotten into the way. Originally we planned for Phi to stay with Granny during our trip, but our trip to Mexico showed us that baby girl isn’t quite ready to be separated from both of us at the same time. Then LM got a new job back in December, and while the job is great, it doesn’t allow for vacation time in the first 90 days. So all that to say, I’ll be spending my fourth wedding anniversary in Minneapolis instead of South Africa…but I’ll survive. It could be worse, right?

Speaking of worse…it’s March and we’re still getting walloped by snow * sigh * I’ll be stuck inside for yet another weekend, but I’m going to use the time to be really productive, right? Nah, I’ll probably just knit and keep working on this potty training thing with Phi.

Things I read this week:

Things I’m loving this week:

I’ve been really itching to knit socks lately, but I hate knitting socks because 1) they take forever and 2) you finish the first one and you have to do it all over again! In an effort to combat both of these issues, I’m doing the Rye socks pattern by Tin Can Knits, which is knit in worsted weight yarn (so it knits up faster) and I’m doing them two at a time! This is the first time I’ve done 2aat socks, and it took me a minute to figure out how to cast on, but now i”m cruising. I’m a little worried about when I need to pick and up and knit for the foot part, but I’ll figure it out. So far, I really like knitting socks on magic loop and doing them top down - next time I’m going to do an afterthought heel and make the heels & toes a contrast color.

I’ve been struggling with a few breakouts recently - normally my skin is very clear and I have a good routine so I’m not sure what’s causing it, but it’s stressing me. I’m having really good success with these little acne healing dots from Peace Out - I stick them on before bed, and in the morning my pimple is practically gone!

And I’m still going strong on my March No Shopping challenge! I did myself a favor and unsubscribed from all the damn sale emails that I get, and that’s been the biggest deterrent from shopping for me.

Have a great weekend!