Join Me For A No Shopping Challenge!


There’s nothing like sitting down to pay bills to make you wonder “where did all the money go?”

I feel like I’ve been asking myself that question A LOT. And I know where it’s going - it’s going to things, that take up space and clutter up my house. I look around and I see things that I wanted in the moment, but I didn’t really need. And don’t get me started on all the clothes and shoes that I’ve bought over the years, that I either don’t wear or have given away.

I need a change, and to start making some good money habits, so why not start by committing to not shop for one month? That means not succumbing to those “sale” emails, no strolling Target & putting things in my cart just because they are cute, and no trips to Sephora even though my hands are dying for some "L’occitane hand cream * sobs *

I’m going to begin my No Shopping Challenge on Sunday, March 3, and end on Saturday, March 30 - that will give me a full 4 weeks of no shopping. I’ll evaluate my accounts and budget at the end of the challenge to see just how much not shopping has saved me.

Parameters for my March No Shopping challenge:

  • There will be no shopping for non-essential items - essential being things like food and basic toiletries.

  • No clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home accessories, etectronics, etc will be purchased during the challenge.

  • I will buy for #BabyPi but only if absolutely necessary - like if she grows out of her shoes and needs a new pair.

If it goes well, I’ll extend this into April!

Wanna join me? Commit to joining me on the #JTMNoShoppingChallenge and let me know on Twitter or Instagram!