8. Flying Solo


This February has been absolutely terrible. We’ve set a state record for the snowiest February on record and the month isn’t even over yet! The snow piles are ridiculously tall, it’s so cold, and I’m officially over it. On the plus side, my SUV has been super clutch this winter and I’m very thankful that I’m not driving my sedan anymore.

This week was busy thanks to work and other commitments, so I’m very glad we made it to the weekend. The husband is out of town so I’m flying solo with Phi this weekend, which should be fun. I’ll probably take her to the indoor playground for some playtime, but otherwise we’ll be hunkered down at home since it’s expected to snow again this weekend * sigh *

Things I read this week:

The Women Who Contributed to Science but Were Buried in Footnotes (The Atlantic)

My Wife Was Dying, and We Didn’t Tell Our Children (The Atlantic)

Boyfriend and girlfriend are out. ‘Partners’ are in. Here’s why more millennials are changing how they define their relationships. (The Lily)

Why “Follow Your Passion” Isn’t Always The Best Career Advice (Girlboss)

A Friendship Baked in the Great British Bake Off Tent (The Atlantic)

What Kids Are Missing By Not Reading More Authors Of Color (Role Reboot)

Meet The Beauty Influencer Who Isn’t Afraid To Say What She Thinks (Buzzfeed)

How ‘Fatal Attraction’ Forever Changed Our View of the ‘Crazy’ Other Woman (MEL Magazine)

Blackface Was Never Harmless (The Atlantic)

White Woman Claims to Confront Racism by Creating Racist Yoga Event; Clearly Doesn’t Understand How Racism Works (The Root)

my office has a burn book we all have to read and sign (Ask A Manager)

“When Nobody Knows You, Everything Is Potentially Damaging”: Amid Accusations of Staff Mistreatment, Amy Klobuchar Grapples with Minnesota Mean (Vanity Fair)

What It Means When Cardi B Refuses to Code-Switch (Man Repeller)

What Is Business Casual Style? (Putting Me Together)

Measles is back because states give parents too many ways to avoid vaccines (Vox)

Why women of color take more risks in the workplace (Quartz)

Things I’m loving this week:

After I read the Jackie Aina piece on Buzzfeed, I spent an afternoon watching a bunch of her videos - I see why she’s so popular!

Have you watched Umbrella Academy yet? You need to!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!