5. Frozen

I’m finally thawing out from the Polar Vortex that hit this week, along with the rest of Minnesota. It legit has not been this cold since 2014, when the last Polar Vortex hit. Incidentally, that’s when LM and I spent our first Christmas together - he came and spent almost 2 weeks with me over the holidays, which solidified our desire to start a life together. I got a little sappy when I remembered that, and then I marveled at the fact that we’ve been together more than 5 years. For a woman who used to have a 3mo dating rule, 5 years with the same guy is a big deal.

I hope you’re warm, wherever you are….

Things I read this week:

Ariana Grande Accidentally Got ‘Barbecue Grill’ Tattooed on Her Hand (The Cut)

Foxconn Admits It's Not Building a Factory in Wisconsin Anymore Despite Scoring $4 Billion Deal From Taxpayers (Gizmodo)

When White People Are Uncomfortable, Black People Are Silenced (Harper’s Bazaar)

Facebook has been paying teens $20 a month for access to all of their personal data (Vox)

I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything (Gizmodo)

What It’s Like to Be in Corporate America With a ‘Black-Sounding Name’ (The Everygirl)

Celebrate the women behind the periodic table (Nature)

Amazon’s facial analysis tech often mistakes dark-skinned women for men, study shows (Vox)

Why Spotify Finally Let People Mute R. Kelly (Vulture)

BuzzFeed’s Layoffs Were Painful for Its Staffers—and Fatal to Its Self-Mythology (Slate)

Things I’m Loving This Week:

I’m fascinated with the rise & epic fall of Theranos & Elizabeth Holmes - I’ve got Bad Blood on my library hold list. While I wait, I discovered a new podcast devoted to the scandal, called The Dropout. So far two episodes have posted and they are SO GOOD.

Stay warm everyone!