1. A New Year

2018 is now in the history books and 2019 has begun!

I spent my NYE at home, a little #NetflixAndChill with the husband. Smartest thing we did was put Phi to bed at her normal time, so we could get a little alone time .Facebook Memories reminded me of the NYEs of past - the year I partied in Atlanta (and made some bad life choices); the year I hosted a party & then drunkenly sent the Vegas dude an “I still love you” text - and it made me thankful that I can just chill at home for the new year, with my little family.

I also worked on my vision board and finished it on NYE, so I started 2019 full of intentions that will manifest throughout the year.

The holidays are over and we’re back to our normal routines, and it feels good!

Things I read this week:

I’d never heard of Robinhood but I’m fascinated by story of a launch that failed so epicly - The Epic Rise, And Fast Fall, Of Robinhood (3% “Checking and Savings”) (Chief Mom Officer)

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Was Supposed To Change The World With "Lean In." So What Went Wrong? (Buzzfeed)

My secret dream is to be a pop culture critic, so I loved this - Why cultural criticism matters (Vox)

I Watched 365 Movies in 2018, Even Though Nobody Asked Me to (Jezebel)

The Best Skin-Care Trick Is Being Rich (The Atlantic)

This hoe is crazy - A Mom Refused To Pay Her Babysitter Because She Got Ice Cream And 'Easy Kids' (Buzzfeed)

I’ve counseled hundreds of victims of gaslighting. Here’s how to spot if you’re being gaslighted. (Vox)

The Women of the New Congress Dressed to Honor Their Roots at Their Swearing-in Ceremonies  (Jezebel)

When A Billionaire Needs A Boss: The Story Of The Jimmy John's Sandwich Empire (Forbes)

Emergency medical responders confront racial bias (NPR News)

Things I loved this week:

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and i’m really picky. I love a podcast that has a good story, I don’t go for the shows where the hosts just talk to each other (with the exception of The Read). This week I listened to the first four episodes of the Nicole Walters podcast and I am full on obsessed! I’ve been following her on social media for a couple of years, and I knew bits and pieces of her story, but it was really refreshing to hear her tell her story about her family, moving into entrepreneurship, and being successful as an entrepreneur. Even if you don’t have (or don’t want) your own business, I think you’d find something valuable in her episodes.

A few months ago I read a roundup of Black skincare brands, and I discovered Base Butter. When I checked out their website, I was delighted to see they offer free samples of their Radiate Face Jelly moisturizer, so I placed an order to try it out. I got 3 sample packages, and each package has enough for 3-4 applications, so I could use it several times. I loved it so much that I ordered a full size bottle, and it’s become a staple in my skin care routine. Beyond being an awesome product, the customer service was top-notch. Definitely recommend!

Looking forward to next week:

Phi turns 2 on Sunday! I’m going to make her a birthday cake from scratch, and we’ll celebrate with a trip to Sea Life at Mall of America. I can’t believe my kid in 2!

Have a great week!