My Chrome Bookmarks Are Like My Own Personal Time Capsule

Confession - I am a collector of things, especially information. I have a wealth of (sometimes) useless information which I hope will one day get me a slot on Jeopardy. My love of knowledge leads me to read lots of things on the Internet, and when I discover something that use useful or informative in some way, I save it. My two means of saving things are my Feedly and my Chrome bookmarks.

You’d think that I save things with a purpose, but no, I don’t. I read something and I think, “this is useful in some way, or it could be, so I better save it!” So click the little flag button in Feedly, or I hit the star on Chrome, and I file it away to a place where I can find it again later, in case I need it.

The number of times i’ve actually gone back to things is woefully low.

In the course of my reading of things on the Internets, I came across a blog post that said you should clean up your Chrome bookmarks. Apparently other people are just like me, and they never clean up their bookmarks. After reading that piece, I immediately set out to clean up everything in my bookmarks, and get rid of the stuff I didn’t need. I expected to find a lot of links that were broken or outdated, but what surprised me what those bookmarks signaled about my life and the transitions I’ve made over the years.

My bookmarks are organized into folders, and I had complete folders devoted to specific times in my life - planning my wedding, preparing for the arrival of #BabyPi, buying a house. My wedding planning folder was full of research into venues and vendors, DIY tutorials for projects I never attempted, and tons of wedding gown designs that I loved before I went shopping. Scrolling through those links, i was reminded of the hours I spent on my laptop, looking at site after site for pricing information on flowers, or a venue that was both cool and cost effective. Similarly, my Baby folder had gems like reviews of car seats, and products like baby wraps that I was considering.

My “Resources” folder is the most eclectic, as it’s a collection of websites with really useful information that I don’t know how to categorize any other way. Where do I put all those Buzzfeed lists of lifehacks that I’ll never implement in my life, or services that I should use but never remember until it’s too late? And then there are my links to things I thought about buying, from companies that either don’t sell that product anymore, or have gone out of business entirely.

It was fascinating to me to see the transitions my life has gone through, all laid out in what I’ve saved over the years. And I’ve rediscovered some cool stuff! Now I just need to figure out how to visit some of these sites more often…