Weekly Rewind, Vol. 4

Photo credit:  Stewart Butterfield , CC BY 2.0

Photo credit: Stewart Butterfield, CC BY 2.0


And just like that, January is almost over. Let's get to it, shall we?

High of the week: I'm once again writing for A Practical Wedding! That piece that I submitted last week was for them. I also contributing to the weekly Happy Hour posts, providing the link roundup. I also attended a vision board workshop and made a new vision board for my 2018 manifestations.

Low of the week: The Super Bowl is coming to town! Or should I say, it's already here. For most folks, this is cause for excitement, but I am not one of those people. I work in downtown Minneapolis, and the Super Bowl Live fan experience thing is right in front of my building. My commute to work has become ridiculous thanks to the city shutting down streets so they could stage things for the various events. I get why they had to do it...but those of us who work downtown are now forced to suffer. This upcoming week I'll be working from home most of the week to avoid the traffic.

This week in self-care:

  • I finished Ready Player One! Once it got going, I was really into it and I couldn't put it down! I was lightweight disappointed when it ended, because it was so good. And while the end result was predictable, the journey to get there was so much fun. Now I'm wondering if I should have read the book first, because I'm sure the movie will disappoint in some way. 
  • I've made progress on my tablet case and I'm enjoying learning how to do colorwork. I'm very glad that I taught myself how to knit continental, so that I can have one color in each hand. It's easier than trying to have both colors in my right hand. So far my tension is good so I just need to keep practicing, which this tablet case will also me to do.
  • I did get out this weekend solo which was great - I went to a friend's party and had a great time. I love my little family but it's also good for me to have some time with other folks. 

What I read this week:

This week's goals:

  • Continue working on my tablet case
  • Cast on a new hat pattern
  • Eat out/get takeout one day this week (including weekends)

Have a great week everyone!