Weekly Rewind Vol. 1

Courtesy of flickr user DaPuglet

Courtesy of flickr user DaPuglet

Hey all! I'm trying out something new, a quick recap of the previous week. Let's see how consistent I can be with this thing. 

High of the week: #BabyPi's birthday! We had a small party for her which was a lot of fun. As I expected, my child was NOT into the smash cake, or cake at all, but she enjoyed everything else. Thanks to all who celebrated with us, or just wished my baby girl a happy birthday.

I can't believe I have a one year old! Just when I got the hang of parenting a baby, now I have a toddler and it's a whole new world. Currently taking all your toddler parenting tips - thanks!

Low of the week: Unfortunately my mom wasn't able to make it for Phi's birthday. I did and do understand, but I was still slightly bummed. But on the plus side, she'll be here in a few days for a belated celebration!

Bae of the week: LM! Besides being a great dad, he was the party photographer and got some great shots. And last week was #J5 so he can get some extra love this week :-)

Best stuff I read this week:

Goals for next week:

  1. Journal at least 3x in the week - not a bullet journal but just getting my thoughts out
  2. Complete some financial paperwork 
  3. Figure out what fun stuff we're going to do during my mom's visit