This morning I was reading the Orlando Sentinel online, like I do every morning before I actually get to work, and I see this article, "Orlando is No. 13 destination for relocating singles". I read the article, and it left me scratching my head.

I've made no secret of how abysmal my dating life has been since I moved to Orlando in August 2006. Orlando wasn't even on my radar in terms of cities (or towns in Orlando's case) I'd like to live in. I only ended up here cause I needed a job, and Orlando is better than my hometown, but not by much.

But I digress.

In the two+ years I've been here, I've been lucky enough to meet a few like-minded folks. And we all agree, Orlando is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to single life. And if it sucks for people who are in the cash cow "industry" here - tourism/service, then YOU KNOW its got to be bad for the few professional folks that are here.

So it boggles my mind why anyone would think moving here would improve their single life. You'll probably make less money, spend more on rent with a sucky apartment, have to drive everywhere because its so spread out, and you'll see the same 10 people wherever you go. What's so great about that?

It seemed to me that the authors of the study only looked at numbers, without actually analyzing what was going on in the city. Sure there may have been an influx of single people, but how many of those single folks are still single after being here for a while? How many of those single people are satisfied with the social scene in Orlando? How many people are clawing for any chance to get the hell out of Orlando ASAP? Yeah, I'm sure those things weren't discussed or even thought of.

Orlando is not the place to be single. Better yet, its just not the all.