12/9: What's The Deal With...

Grown folks doing dumb ass stuff? Especially when it comes to dating.

In the past week I've heard some of the dumbest stuff I've ever heard in my life - like I think I lost some brain cells just hearing about this stuff.

Case #1 - A friend of a friend is casually dating a guy. She wants to be committed & monogamous, he doesn't. She says to him "what are we? Are we exclusive?" You wanna know what he said? He said..."we're exclusive....exclusive friends?" WTF??? What does that even mean? Exclusive friends? Does that mean they are only friends with each other or something? I cant even front - from a "playa" perspective its a good move: he tells her something close to what she wants to hear, but he isn't actually "with" her and therefore can do whatever he wants. Needless to say, she fell for it, and thought everything was fine. How in the world are chicks falling for this? *SMH* #idontgetit

Case #2 - A work friend was telling me & my girl LM about his dating situation. He has a "boo" who he's been dating for a while, and he's taking her to the Carribbean on a little vacation getaway before Christmas. Anyway, LM suggested that he bring his boo to her sorority's semi-formal event, and that's when the dumbness started. He then stated that he couldn't bring her, because he didnt want folks to know they were together. WTF??? You know we had to ask him about it, and then he elaborated that basically coming to an event with a woman would prevent him from being able to holla at other women. Basically, he needs to stay "single" in the streets. For real? You can take a chick to an island for some "fun in the sun" but you can't take her to an event in town? #fail I know I'd be pissed if I found out my dude wasn't trying to claim me so he could appear to be free...

Case #3 - Got another friend of a friend...who believes intercourse doesn't count unless 1 party climaxes. No climax, then its not sex, and therefore it doesnt count. Once again, I say, WTF?? For real? Last I checked, once he was in there, it counted. If you fell for "just let me put the head in"...if you started & then it was wack & you stopped...if it hurt or even if you couldn't feel it...once it was in there, it counts! No matter what! I think this is her way of keeping her "number" lower, cause this crazy rule makes absolutely no sense.

The moral of the story? I need my friends to get new friends...and I need grown folks to do better.

Am I wrong for thinking all these stories are just crazy as hell? Let me know!