11-25: What's The Deal With...

Grown folks sexting each other? You know what sexting is - sending NSFW pics of your body and/or commentary about what you're gonna do to someone via text message.

The media latched onto sexting & proclaimed it the biggest problem facing the youth. But I think its the biggest problem facing grown folks! I mean come on, it seems like everyone is showing their goodies to anyone that has a cell phone!

I cannot tell you the number of pics I've received - for some reason dudes are more than happy showing their wang to any and everyone. Its like they can't wait to show it off...like that kid back in kindergarden that was so in love with his wang that he had to show all the girls.

C'mon on fellas! I mean, really...I do like seeing a nice wang every now & again, but sending unsolicited pics all willy-nilly? So not cool. I'd like a bit of a warning before I open a text or a BBM message (that's Blackberry messenger for those not in the know) and have my eyes assaulted.

Now, I'm not saying that folks should be prudes or anything, or that folks in relationships can't keep it spicy...but perhaps we all should be a bit more discriminating in who we send a pic to...and definitely don't send a pic that would allow you to be positively identified. And maybe you should think about asking first before you just send a shot of your body...cause you never know how it will be received...and there's nothing worse than sending a pic and getting the *crickets* (I know cause I've given the *crickets* response & he got pissy about it - oh well, don't send me unsolicited pics! But I digress...).

We all grown, so let's act like it, shall we? Keep your freaky texts to yourself, your boo/SO/JO/FwB and keep it moving...Or at least wait until someone asks you for the pic...

What yall think? Do you enjoy receiving unsolicited XXX pics via text? Do you ask for them? Let me know!