Friday Faves And Stuff To Read

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week! My fave looks of the week: This week wasn't my most exciting, style-wise, but I managed a few looks that I really liked. I pulled out my two-tone boots, but I may have to retire them because my calves are too big for them :-( I've also decided that I need to add some new accessories to my collection, to help jazz up my looks.

PhotoGrid_1452870921580 PhotoGrid_1453219677307 PhotoGrid_1453388032594


Fave thing that happened at work this week: My company likes to bring in speakers and this week they brought in Tara Jaye Frank. I wasn't super familiar with her prior to her visit, but I'm a big fan now. I got a chance to speak to her 1-on-1, in a small group and to attend a lecture she presented. I've shared how I've been struggling in my career and my career path, and listening to Tara's words really got the wheels turning in my mind. I still have some thinking to do, and some fear to conquer, but I feel encouraged that I'm moving in the right direction.

Fave things I read this week: I read some great pieces this week, but these ones stand out to me.

"Why Doesn't Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders?" in Bloomberg Businessweek - A great look into the diversity issue at tech companies and their diversity efforts at Howard University. I'm not in IT but I know a lot of folks who are, and as a chemist I see a lot of parallels to my own college recruitment experience. I may do a separate blog post cause I have a lot of thoughts on this one.

"The DIY Scientist, The Olympian, and The Mutated Gene" from ProPublica - this was also featured on This American Life last week, but I read the print piece before I listened to the story. I was fascinated! It was such an amazing story and really got me thinking about biochemistry.

"Cultivating Purpose: Let Go of 'Should' And Do What You Love" from Tiny Buddha - This was timely for me, given my career angst. I love Tiny Buddha and they always have great posts.

What's been your faves for the week? Let me know in the comments!

Friday Faves and Random Thoughts!

Hey folks! I hope everyone had a great week! My favorite looks of the week:This week I wore a new sweater dress from Gwynnie Bee, and also put together a couple of new combinations for #wearwhatwherejanuary. I'm thinking about keeping the sweater dress!

Saturday casual

A new twist on red, black and white!

Taylor Dresses sweater dress from Gwynnie Bee!

Favorite activity: I got back into knitting over the summer, and since then I haven't been able to put my needles down! I've been making a lot of stuff - mostly scarves and coffee sleeves, but I want to try my hand at a couple of hats, if I can figure out these double point needles. I have a ton of yarn in my apt and I recently purchased a set of interchangeable needles, yay! I'm spending most of my free time knitting and it's been so much fun. I'm about thisclose to taking the plunge and opening an Etsy shop, simply to sell the things I've made.

Favorite new thing I got this week: I took the plunge and got a new tattoo! Last weekend, LM and I went to the Minneapolis tattoo convention, which was pretty fun. There were a ton of tattoo artists there and a lot of beautiful work done. I met a local artist there and made an appt to get a tattoo done on Tuesday. I've wanted to get an Eye of Horus tattoo for 3 years, and I finally made it happen. This one is located on my left wrist, so my astrological Cancer tattoo on my left wrist has a friend now :-) I'm absolutely in love with it - take a look!

New tattoo! Eye of Horus in blue and gold.

Dutchess and Ceaser from Black Ink Crew were at the tattoo convention. They aren't as dusty in person as they look on tv. Dutchess is also really short, like maybe 5' even. Ryan from Black Ink Chicago was also supposed to be there, but he didn't make it. I was hoping to see if he was as cute in person.

Also, I hate that Ceaser spells his name wrong, ugh. He's about as horrible as Fabolous.

I'm a finalist for the APW 2016 Internship - very excited about that! I have to submit 5-10 pitches for pieces I want to write for the site. This is coming at a great time, because I've been working out different post ideas in my head. I want to write a few things about marriage, a few things about race/gender and a few things about feminism. I really hope I get the internship - wish me luck!

I'm having issues with Tweetdeck Web in the office and it's annoying.

#Shoutout to everyone who told me to get Spotify premium! I'm using it constantly. My poor iPod is only used for podcasts now, which is kinda sad.

Whats been your faves this week? What randomness do you want to share? Hit the comments! 


We Haven't Had A Good Random Post In A While...

How many days until football season back? I really shouldn't be in a rush for football season...cause that means the summer is over.

I'm taking a knitting class with a friend - we're making a sweater. I've never made anything other than scarves so this is an ambitious project for me. I hope I can complete it cause this yarn was expensive! Between the amount I spent on supplies (yarn, needles, markers, etc) this will be the most expensive sweater I own. It's short sleeve and all weather yarn so I should be able to wear it often.

My new YouTube video is going to "rules for sending nudes" - what tips do you have?

I'm going to DC in two weeks for the cookout and I can't wait...It will be nice to meet a lot of folks I haven't met yet.

My birthday is in 3 weeks and I haven't sent the invites yet. Someone please help me get my life together.

I move in less than a month and I have yet to pack anything. Someone help me get my life together.

I absolutely must tighten my locs this weekend, the new growth is driving me crazy.

Seriously, come help me pack. Maybe I'll do that on Saturday night, have a packing party. My friends offered and everything.

I paused writing this to send my friends an email asking for help packing.

Ooh I got this fabulous bag a month ago and it makes me so happy :-D

Today FS told me to get my shit together. I love that he said that me (cause it was true) but I also love how he did it - he did privately and lovingly, cause he's concerned about me being a better person.

I've discovered Suja Juice. I've also discovered that juices with celery in them are a struggle for me. Mostly cause eating raw celery is a struggle for me.

I saw the most tragic of weaves today. Like her natural hair was a completely different color and it was all kinked up and her weave hair was a whole different texture. I really wanted to pull her to the side and tell her that she looked a hot ass mess...but she was young so I decided against it.

What random stuff do you have going on?

Monday Morning Randomness

I've done maybe 5 random posts in 2012? I need to do better. Actually I need to do better at writing at all. I started the year not wanting to blog cause I didn't want to jinx my relationship with the Vegas dude. And then he was all "oh you should write whatever you want babe, it won't jinx us"...and then we broke up :-/And after that, I really wasn't into blogging...cause I didn't want to talk about yet another failed relationship. Somewhere along the way I lost my desire for it. But now I'm ready to get back to sharing my randomness besides on Twitter.

Last weekend I was in Phoenix & it was one of the best trips I've taken all year. Actually, it might be the best trip I've taken this year. The entire thing was a dream, both in terms of activities & the company. The only downside was my flight to Phoenix, when the white woman seated next to me accused me of stealing one of her drink coupons while she was asleep - I resisted the urge to call her a bitch & instead just stayed focus on my book. Anyway, Phoenix was beautiful, I had a blast with my friend & I even went hiking in the beautiful south Phoenix mountains for the first time.

Today marks 3 months in the new job! The verdict? Taking this new job was a smart move. I really enjoy almost everything about this new experience. I'm happy that I decided to leave the lab. I'm still using my technical skills, but instead of running instruments or having good laboratory techniques, I'm using my Six Sigma, project management & data analysis skills. I apply so much of what I used in my old job in the new job, which has helped me feel more "up to speed" & able to contribute to the team. I really like my team, everyone has been so welcoming & friendly. I work downtown now & it's so much better than working out in the burbs in a manufacturing facility. But it is not good for my wallet - I'm always seeing cute clothes, shoes & accessories & going out for lunch!

Got all my Christmas shopping done this weekend #yay - now to get to wrapping & shipping!

The first true snow of the season hit this weekend, so I spent all day Sunday sequestered in my apartment. It was beautiful to look at, but a bear to drive in this morning. And its cold! I realized this morning that I'm not equipped to be waiting for the bus so I will be getting more supplies this week.

Oh yeah, I take the bus now to work most days. I love it. I'll love it more when I don't have to drive to the park & ride site to catch the bus. Can't wait to move!

This fall has been a bit of a struggle for me, in dealing with my personal relationships. Basically, I felt like ppl who have been around for years just stopped giving a fuck abt me, to the point where complete strangers were more invested in my emotional health than so-called friends. And that shit hurt. A LOT. I take my personal relationships very seriously, they are important to me. I try to be a good friend, show loyalty, etc & it hurt me to see that wasn't reciprocated from folks. We should be better than that. But I'm in a better place about it all - gotta let folks go.

Ever see little reminders or indicators of how much you've changed? I've gone through that recently. I see growth in my life & I'm happy about that.

I want a Nexus 7. And a bigger food processor. And some new cookware. And some ankle boots. And more cute clothes & jewelry for work. *sigh*

Really looking forward to being home for Christmas - I haven't been home since Memorial Day weekend.

I'm debating if I want to do another half-marathon with Team In Training. Last year was great, and I know I could do the physical part. I'm worried abt the $$$ part. Thoughts?

Either way, it's all clean/Primal eating until the foreseeable future. I got lazy & it is showing. And now that I can buy cute clothes for work, I refuse to invest in things at my current size.

Anyway, what's new & random with you?

I'm Back

I've been AWOL. Just haven't felt like writing. I'm still not fully in blogging mode, but I figured I needed to put something up.

I'm moving ahead with the business, so far it's been going well. I have some really great friends who are extremely helpful. And people have responded positively to what I have planned for my business, which is great.

Somehow I woke up & it was December...another year comes to a close. 2011 went by in a blur, it seems like it was just a few months ago that I was ringing in the new year.

This winter has been much easier so far *knocks on wood* We've only received a few inches of snow so far, by this time last year we'd already had 16 inches and that was before the huge storm that collapsed the roof of the Metrodome.

Instead of traveling for NYE this year, I'm having a party. It's gonna be epic.

I need some book recommendations - what have you been reading? I'm about 2/3rds of the way through A Game of Thrones, and next after that is The Other Wes Moore. I need some new books to add to my list.

I tried to write 3 different posts today & the words just wouldn't flow *sigh*

I'm going to see New Year's Eve on Thursday #yay. Hopefully it will be decent. Review will be on the blog.

I also wanna see the new Sherlock Holmes and The Sitter.

12 work days until I go home from Christmas.

Something big is going on in my life now. I'm not yet ready to blog about it in-depth. But its the biggest thing I've ever done...and I'm both scared out of my mind & excited all at the same time. I have this fear that I'm gonna fall flat on my face yet I'm moving forward because if it works, it will be so totally awesome.

I'd love to know what my friends think of me, specifically what they think my flaws are. Everyone should know their weaknesses & who better to give you feedback than your friends.

I need some inspiration....

Randompalooza, Vol. 6

When's the last time you were sick? I don't get sick very often, but I was sick recently & it was the worst. I spent a week trying to treat myself with OTC meds before I finally broke down & went to the doctor for antibiotics. I abhor being sick, it is the absolute worst. I was miserable thanks to the sinus infection from hell. Simple things like sleeping was difficult. I'm so glad I'm finally feeling better. Not 100% yet, but getting there.

Before I got sick, I went home for my mom's 50th birthday party, which was beautiful. My mom is so awesome & so many of her friends & family came out to celebrate with her. While I was home I saw my babies including my new niece that I hadn't met yet. I'm now the proud auntie of 4 nieces & 1 nephew. They are the most beautiful children in the world.

I'm sitting here writing while listening to Take Care & its got me all emo. Yall know I've loves me some Aubrey Graham but this isn't what I expected from Take Care *sigh*.

It's official - I'm switching to #teamiphone. Everyday I wanna throw my BB out the window. I cannot wait to get rid of this phone, but I have to wait until early 2012, because....

My car is 1 payment away from being paid off! *dougies* I am so excited about this. Granted this isn't the first car that I've paid off before, but this is the longest note I've had, and the biggest note I've had. I can definitely re-appropriate those funds. Next obstacle - my student loans. *sigh*

When's the last time you made a new friend? Not just an acquaintance, but an actual friend?

I have no idea what I want for Christmas but I need to figure it out.

Being a grown-up is hard. They don't tell you that part when you're a kid.

I'm still writing but I've switched to the preview of the new Childish Gambino album. I digs it. I will be copping that when it drops.

I'm slacking though because I really haven't given a good listen to the new Wale album. I kinda skipped through it real quick but I need to devote some time to it & really give it a listen. I think I'm still salty about his "concert" in Mpls last month.

I want a varsity jacket. But I'll probably wait on that.

I do still want a new winter coat in a bright color. I need to hit Burlington Coat Factory & do some hunting.

Thinking about getting some new winter boots too. The ones I've worn the past cpl of winters are getting worn out.

And I need a couple new sweater dresses for the winter.

Speaking of winter, its November & it's still relatively warm in Mpls - highs in the 50s. Complete change from last year, by this time last year we had already had a couple of big snow storms. I'm going to enjoy this snow-free life for as long as I can.

My lease is up in January & they want to raise my rent $75! I so don't want the hassle of moving, so I'm going to try to negotiate. My building is actually the cheapest in the area, when compared to apartments of the same size with the same amenities. But a $75 more a month is a lot of money for the same apartment.

And now I've switched to Phonte's Charity Starts At Home...I loves this album. And I'm still dying for Foreign Exchange & friends to do a show in Mpls.

What are your holiday plans? I'll be spending Thanksgiving here in Mpls again this year. I'm going home for Christmas but I'll be back here for NYE, unless I get a better offer. This will actually be my first NYE in Mpls, we'll see how it goes.

I totally forgot! Last month I took the plunge & started my locs. I investigated a bunch of different methods, and decided to start with two-strand twists. I did them myself & then I went to a local natural hair salon to have them cleaned up a bit. So far they've been in for about a month & I absolutely love them. No more spending hours on the weekend washing/conditioning/twisting. No more struggling with tangles & knots. My hair routine has gotten so much easier. And best of all I really love how they look on me.

Since this pic they have thickened up & also gotten frizzy. But they still look super cute.

Randomapalooza Vol. 5

I have 600+ Sephora points that I really need to redeem for a full-size product. I've purposely been avoiding it but I need to go in there for the Urban Decay liners. Officially found out this week that I did not get the job I really wanted. I had prepared myself for that since it took them so long to get back to me but it still stung. A lot. I am not used to not getting what I want. Call me spoiled or privileged or whatever...but I generally don't deal with rejection when it comes to work or education.

So because I was not the chosen one for that job, I'm back to my nationwide job hunt. Initially I was just looking in the Twin Cities, because I do really love it here & I would like to stay, but now it's more important that I leave this position than it is that I stay here. So I'm back to my old list of cities/areas to live in, which is Chicago, Philly/NJ, DMV, Charlotte, RTP, Dallas and Houston. Would I stay here? Absolutely, and that's my first choice. But I'd rather be doing something else in another city, than still in this job in Minneapolis & miserable.

I fell in love with a beautiful red military coat at Marshall's a few weeks ago. Only they didn't have my size! The size they had was too small for me, so I couldn't button it. So I have 2 options - starve myself so I can fit in the coat, or hunt all over the Twin Cities & hope a store has it in a bigger size.

I finally got a new iPod #yay. Originally I was going to get a iPod Touch but now that I'm planning to get an iPhone #dontjudgeme I got a 160GB Classic instead.

I'm being followed by @KetelOne now on Twitter - I find this amusing considering how much I tweet about Ketel One.

This week was both National Taco Day & National Vodka Day, on the same day. I did my part.

Next week will be 2 months :grin:

Have you been on my Tumblr? - follow it post-haste.

Minneapolis weather has been so crazy lately. It got cold like around Labor Day & I was sure that fall was coming early. For the past week, its been in the 80's #WTF. Granted I'm happy it hasn't snowed yet...but I got a closet full of sweaters & some new boots I'd like to debut. And I turned off my AC & then had to turn it back on #wack.

I really feel like I'm going to end up moving again. Don't ask me why, I just think so.

I go home in a few weeks for my mom's 50th birthday. I haven't been home since my nieces' birthdays in April. Can't wait to see the family & a few friends.

I've decided - I'm really going to loc my hair. I'm going to go with microsized locs. I need to schedule my consultation.

I bought another Nooka watch, Gilt had another sale. I was supposed to be on watch restriction!

Oh & I'm getting an iPhone...

Lately I've taken back a lot of "I would never..." statements.

I didn't realize how stupid people were until I joined Twitter. I am amazed at the level of willful ignorance.

This week has been an epic week of concerts - Eric Roberson, Wale, Lalah Hathaway, Esperanza Spalding & Van Hunt. I made it to every show expect Esperanza, & Van Hunt is this Saturday. Pics & reviews coming soon, I've just been lazy.

Randompalooza Vol. 4

I have a ton of stuff in my mind. But I can't write any of it down. Not that I can't organize it, I mean I can't actually publish any of it. I absolutely know it's for the best, but over the years blogging has allowed me to get things out & help me clear my head. It's frustrating sometimes to not share. What do you do when I feel like you missed a really great opportunity & you may have missed your one shot? Do you move on & live with the regret? Or do you circle back & try again anyway?

Its been over a month. I'm happy.

Got my flight home last week. I'm really looking forward to my mom's 50th birthday, to seeing my family, to spending time with my nieces & nephews & seeing my homie JC.

My bum shoulder has bothered me lately. This sucks. I don't remember if I ever told this story about how I injured it. It was the end of my first year as a PhD student at Tech; I was giving finals to my students, taking my own finals & also studying for qualifying exams, so I was doing a ton of studying. I have bad posture so I tend to hunch over a lot, and in the process, my left trapezius (the muscle that goes over your shoulder blade) just quit working - it was fatigued. I had to go on muscle relaxants & painkillers. To this day when I don't exhibit good posture it starts freaking out.

I absolutely adore the seasonal candles at Bath & Body Works. I got several of the autumn ones & they smell so good.

Speaking of autumn, it's coming & it's my favorite time of year. I love everything about fall - the leaves changing, the cooler temperatures, the crispness in the air, the pumpkins, the caramel apples, the hayrides, etc. Even though I'm a summer baby, I absolutely love fall. This is something I missed living in Florida.

This weekend I found several items for my fall wardrobe. I got some cute camel boots & some nude platform pumps from the Nine West Outlet. And I got a blazer & a sweater dress from H&M. Next up is winter coats. I realized last winter that my winter coats are at least 7 years old and they need to be replaced. I want at least 1 coat in a bright color, like red or cobalt blue. I fell in love with a red military coat at Marshalls but it was a size too small so I either need to either starve myself or find a bigger size.The last thing for the winter I want is a pair of Uggs. I finally tried on a pair at DSW last week & I fell in love. My feet were so happy in those boots.

I've been working on a scarf for my sister all summer & I need to finish it so I can send it to her before it gets cold.

October is going to be a great month for concerts in the Twin Cities. Eric Roberson, Lalah Hathaway, Esperanza Spalding and Van Hunt are all doing shows here. I can't wait! I've been dying to see ERRO, Lalah, and Van Hunt so I'm super excited about those shows.

How I know a situation is done - when I realize I haven't given it any thought. Sometimes doors close on their own, and it's no one's fault.

I can't stand playing the waiting game. I have a short attention span & limited patience. I've been forced to play the waiting game with a position that I applied for, and it's killing me. I really want to know one way or the other - either they want to offer me the job or they don't. I gave myself a deadline of the end of the year to be out of my current job and it's almost October so I need to make some moves, stat. I do not want to start 2012 in my current position or without any prospects.

I'm still doing the Primal Challenge. So far I am down 5 pounds. I was doing great during the week but the weekend was my kryptonite. I am too social & I love to be out & that makes me go off my Primal plan. I need to figure out a strategy of how to handle that. I went to a new yoga practice last week & struggled through it, but I made it. My goal is to do two yoga practices a week & cardio the rest of the week & see how that goes.

I need a Halloween costume - what are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

I'm officially a Minnesotan now - I finally got my Minnesota plates on my car. It only took me almost 2 years.

Are you one of those people who can be friends with an ex? Does it depend on the ex & the dynamic of the relationship?


The Vh1 Formula for "Reality" Shows

I have a love/hate relationship with many of the shows on Vh1. I hate that I lose so many brain cells while watching their poorly scripted, mind-numbing brand of entertainment...but I can't turn away. It's a train wreck of epic proportions.

After several years & several "reality" shows, I've come to see that every show on Vh1 is really following the same formula. Let's see...

Start with a central theme, something related to fame that the viewing public will watch & criticize - whether it's athletes, musicians, addicts, mobsters, or the women who love them. Most regular people are obsessed with celebrities & their lifestyles, because of the aspirational factor. So you don't need A-listers on these shows, just those who are close enough to the celebrity lifestyle for viewers to tune in.

Find some people who will do anything for a check & a mention on the blogs - there's a reason why you see has-beens, formerly broke folks & those trying to make a come up on Vh1 shows. They need money, but more importantly, they need to be the center of attention. They need people to be talking about them on Twitter, in the blogs, in beauty shops, etc. Who cares if they are discussing how dumb you are for having 4 kids for a man who left you with no money, the point is they are talking about you now, right? The key is to find people who are desperate for both money AND fame, because that's means they will do pretty much anything on-camera, and they will do it for cheap.

Appoint someone as the ringleader - This could be the main character of the show, or it could be the most likeable of the randoms who signed up for a check. Whoever they are, the ringleader has to pretend to be friends with all the other characters on the show, so that manufactured outings can be filmed & pseudo-drama can erupt. Sometimes the ringleader is in the drama, and sometimes the ringleader sits back and watches as two characters fight in a nightclub. The ringleader needs to remain a character that the viewing public will like, or at least tolerate as the other characters act a damn fool.

Find a villain, even if they don't even fit into the theme of the show - The key to these shows is drama, and you gotta have a bad guy to make the drama really happen. So you can either make a villain out of the cast you already have, by turning the characters against each other, or you can go out & find one who has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of the a video girl hanging out with the wives & ex's of D-list basketball players. The villain is a person who is willing to do even more to get some shine than the rest of the cast. They truly believe in that old adage "there's no such thing as negative publicity", and thus are fine with being the bad guy if it means more mentions on Twitter. I wonder if they get an extra $50 in their check for playing the villain #hmmm.

Put together some random outings, including drinks, meals, and at least 1 trip where the drama is maximized - Vh1 producers have learned a lesson from their Viacom brothers at MTV - if you keep the cast drinking, you will keep the drama flowing & the ratings up. So make sure you schedule lots of outings involving liquor & keep the cameras rolling. This is a guaranteed way to get folks to act a damn fool & more importantly, have folks tune in. The ringleader will be facilitating these pointless events & leading the characters in pretending that they hang out like this all the time, while they look at each other stupid & encourage the one married character to get a divorce.

And finally, when you start filming your next season, check out whatever the show before you did so you can top it - Just like how Wall Street investors aren't happy unless a company has record profits year to year, reality show viewers aren't satisfied with the same level of drama as last season. You've got to up the ante if you want to keep viewers & folks talking about your show on Twitter. And that's how you go from yelling at each other in the finale, to having a fist fight in the first episode of your next season. What's next - hiring a hitman on-camera? Wait, don't actually do that yall.

Think about it - every Vh1 drama-filled show falls into this same formula...from Basketball Wives to The T.O. Show to Mob Wives...they all follow the same pattern.

So why the hell are we still watching???

Randomapalooza Vol. 3

Yall know what it is... Ever notice how the people who claim they hate drama & try to avoid it are always the folks that keep up the most drama? I'm watching the Basketball Groupies & Ex's Wives reunion & these chicks keep talking about how they hate drama blah blah blah. If you really hated drama, wouldn't you decline a show like that? #imjustsayin

I feel like an e-celebrity thanks to my feature on DrJayJack's blog last week. Thanks to him for asking me to do it. If you made your way to my spot thanks to his feature, thanks for stopping by!

I promise yall I'mma start writing again.

I wrote something here but I decided to keep it G-14 classified instead...tho if you follow me on Twitter you probably already know what it is.

My mom is coming to visit this weekend & I'm so excited. She hasn't been to visit since last March, and I haven't seen her since April.

I'm happy that the NFL is back but I think this preseason is even worse than it normally is. Let's just skip to the regular season, shall we? Oh and I'm still a Colts fan, nothing has changed.

How the fuck did Lala get another season of her show? Seriously?

 Please tell me why I started this post on Monday and it is now Thursday & I'm just now getting around to working on it again? *sigh* Where has the week gone?

Operation New Job has been in full effect. I applied for an internal position at a different site & had an interview on Monday. It was more of a pre-screen so hopefully I will be invited on-site for another interview. In the meantime, I'm still working on some other opportunities, cause I gotta make moves.

I was reading the NY Times online today (now that I have a Sunday subscription I have a digital subscription for free #yay) & there was an interview with Chris Tucker. Apparently he is going on a comedy tour. I immediately tried to see if Minneapolis was on the tour, but of course it wasn't #boo. I think Chris Tucker would be hilarious live.

Speaking of tours tho, Esperanza Spaulding will be at the Dakota Jazz Club on Oct. 4 & I'm getting tickets ASAP. I love her.

Lately my wireless connection in my apt has been real bootleg. IDK what it is. Maybe I need a new router? All I know is I was trying to watch some Noah's Arc on #Netflix via my Wii last night & it was NOT COOPERATING.

LM & I are doing another one of our famous last-minute trips - we're going to Chicago for Labor Day. Booking our flights was an ordeal let me tell you, no thanks to late ass emails & uncooperative airlines. But we managed to work it out. Now we just gotta handle the hotel & rental car & I really hope I don't have another Priceline malfunction like I did with our Miami trip *crosses fingers*

Oh I forgot - I'm an auntie again! I have a new niece & her name is Zainab & she is a doll. She looks just like her older sister Zunairah, who looks just like her dad who is my youngest brother. So out of my 5 nieces & nephews all of them look like my family. Crazy nuts.

Alright that's enough randomness for one day...what's up with yall?